Part 3: Responding to Transgender Philosophers: Robin Dembroff’s Pronoun Argument

January 17, 2018 Catholic Hulk 2

This is the 3rd and last part of my series. If you haven’t read Part 1 & 2, then please do. In this blogpost, I respond to Robin Dembroff (who is transgender) and Daniel Wodak’s argument that we should use the pronoun they or ze to instead of he or she. Please read their argument here. You might also be interested in what Dembroff had to say about pronouns earlier in her life. Permit me a rather [Continue reading]

Part 2: Responding to Transgender Philosophers: “Talia Mae Bettcher”

January 15, 2018 Catholic Hulk 1

Here we are for Part 2 of my series. If you haven’t read Part 1, you might want to do that now. In this blogpost, I respond to Bettcher again. But my attention is directed toward a different essay, one entitled Trans-Women and the Meaning of “Woman”. You can access the article here – it’s free and in full. I’m not going to recast or summarize the argument Bettcher makes, because that would be too [Continue reading]

Part 1: Responding to Transgender Philosophers – “Talia Mae Bettcher”

January 14, 2018 Catholic Hulk 6

I recently read some work of a transgender philosopher, one who goes by the name Talia Mae Bettcher. In his essay entitled Trans-Identities and First-Person Authority , Bettcher challenges the definitional account of a woman or term ‘woman’. I’d like to respond to him. This will be Part 1 in a series of posts toward some transgender philosophers and their ideas. Bettcher writes: In analyzing the semantic content of gender terms such as “woman,” a first [Continue reading]

Yes, Abortion is a Women’s Health Issue

January 14, 2018 Touchstone 5

It is easy to criticize referring to abortion as a “women’s health issue,” as progressives like to call it. And conservatives are exactly right in their usual criticisms: First, calling abortion a “women’s heath” issue is a perfect example of trademark linguistic mendacity of the Left. Progressives know, if only by some slimy instinct in their corrupt souls, that language colors one’s perception of reality. Calling abortion a “women’s heath” issue shifts the focus away [Continue reading]

Will the Real Privileged Person Please Stand Up?

January 11, 2018 Federal Philosopher 40

Is there any doubt that the uptick in the number of people coming out as transgender is the result of the following two distinct but closely related factors? (1) Suggestibility. Children and young adults who, in the course of going through normal maturation processes, explore non-heterosexual ideas or behaviors are being encouraged to think of themselves as transgender. Arguably, some are even being compelled to. Further, many with non-heterosexual desires who would otherwise simply identify [Continue reading]

On Half Men: A Rant Againt Feminism and the Neglect of Virility

January 8, 2018 Catholic Hulk 12

Men were once heads of their households (kyrios). We understood and valued honour, and we once strived for andreia and virilitas. We knew what was expected of us as men, and it conformed well with our nature as men (please read this link). But just like in Eden, things changed. Like Adam, men were not up to the burden of being kyrios; and so the order of our houses and the polis fell to the feminist movements (yes, even the first-wave feminism). [Continue reading]

Review of The Red Pill

January 8, 2018 Walter Montgomery 4

If you haven’t already seen it, let me recommend to you the recent documentary, The Red Pill, filmed by Cassie Jaye. Jaye begins the documentary as a full-blown Hollywood feminist. She hears about the so-called Men’s Rights Movement, which she views as sexist, bigoted, and, in general, hateful toward women. She begins to seriously investigate the movement, motivated by curiosity of what could be driving people (to her shock, the Men’s Rights Movement includes women too) [Continue reading]

“Philosopher” Robin Dembroff Writes About Roy Moore

January 5, 2018 Catholic Hulk 41

Robin Dembroff, a celebrity among lefty, tranny and sodomite philosophers, has produced a small article on Roy Moore, calling him odious. I want to address some of what she (I decline to use her preferred personal pronoun they) has stated. Dembroff writes: No, let’s not forget Roy Moore’s repeated and firm insistence that millions of Americans, including myself, belong in prison simply for being gay. He made this plain when he told CSPAN’s Bill Press that [Continue reading]

Don Lemon and Ryan Anderson Debate Homo “Marriage” Stuff

January 4, 2018 Catholic Hulk 0

A few years back, Ryan Anderson and CNN Don Lemon debated some issues concerning Obergefell v. Hodges. I just noticed the debate now. I’m late – I know. Have a look at the linked video. It’s short, so please watch it. The First Dispute  Lemon describes the SCOTUS case as one about legalizing homo “marriage”. Anderson replies that the issue isn’t about legalizing homo “marriage”. Instead, it’s about the definition of marriage. Lemon takes issue with this, [Continue reading]

How to Bypass Peer Review in Publishing in High Profile Venues

January 2, 2018 Federal Philosopher 6

…without, of course, having a colleague pull strings in your favor, which we know never happens. Here is a pattern I’ve noticed for a while: A particular topic becomes popular in some field. A group of highly touted cool kid Jr. scholars in that field post and circulate half-baked drafts on the topic. The drafts become widely known, not due to their merits, but because such-and-such cool kids have drafts on them. “Cutting edge” drafts, [Continue reading]