Society of Biblical Literature Bans IVP Over LGBTQQIETC

In the name of diversity, the Society of Biblical Literature is banning InterVarsity Press from hosting a book stall at its 2017 meeting. For those not familiar with InterVarsity Press, it is one of the premiere Christian academic publishers in the world, not just the United States.”

See here as well for more on the story. What do you think? More bullying from the tolerant and inclusive left?


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  1. Bullying? Yes. But why? Lack of confidence in their principles? Doubt about themselves and their intellectual honesty? Or is it just plain old fashioned cowardice?

  2. This is especially ironic since, from what I understand, IVP refuses to publish complementarian views on marriage and church office. (The views that wives should submit to their husbands in marriage, and that church office is limited to male candidates) They’re already on the evangelical middle or left, but not far enough for SBL. Blegh

  3. Leftist academics are one thing, but leftist “Christians” are something else altogether. They’re parasitic in that they can’t even exist without the host faith they excoriate.

    They suicidally mutilate the host.

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