The Left Injects Its Poison Into Everything Else, So Why Not Sports?

The ratings are in. According to USA Today, “NFL games…were down 11% for the first six weeks of the season when compared to a similar point last year.” What’s the explanation for the drop in viewership? The USA Today article makes a big deal of the election and the two debates. Since the media blames him for everything else, maybe Trump’s to blame for this as well!

Or maybe, just maybe, this has something to do with Colin Kaepernick’s and his ‘Black Lives Matter’ comrades’ manifestly irrational anti-American flimflam. A Yahoo Sports/YouGov poll released last month found that 44% of NFL fans said they would stop watching NFL games if the protests continue. This shouldn’t be surprising. According to the same poll, Americans don’t like his flagrant anti-Americanism: “47 percent of Americans oppose Kaepernick’s protest, with 32 percent in support and the remaining 21 percent either neutral or declining to offer an opinion.” Even if Kaepernick has a point about systemic police discrimination against blacks (he doesn’t, not least because blacks disproportionately commit violent crimes, which explains why they are disproportionately involved in police encounters), disrespecting the country at an NFL game probably isn’t an appropriate venue at which to express it. Most people don’t like seeing (especially radically left-wing) politics injected into sports, which is why it isn’t even mildly surprising that the increasingly political NFL is losing many of its fans.

We know that, generally, leftists aren’t the kind of people who are sports fans; they’re too busy being offended by everything. Despite this, they are bizarrely interested in changing them. One example is the way in which they’ve injected the ideologies of transgenderism and feminism into sports (and the military). The fact that males are generally physically stronger than females and, by extension, generally better than them at sports is an inconvenient one for these ideologies and the ideology of equality, so they choose to ignore it altogether and pretend that it ain’t a fact at all (if you think that even mentioning this truism is sexist, then you’re probably one of these halfwits). That’s why a man can now make a living out of beating up on women if only he believes (quite falsely) that he’s a woman. Another example is the Left’s obsession with allegedly politically incorrect team names, such as the Washington Redskins. This obsession involves calling for people to boycott these teams until they capitulate to their demands to change the names (fortunately, these attempts almost invariably fail). Objections to the Redskins moniker are especially fatuous since, according to a Washington Post poll, 9 in 10 American Indians—the very people the Left believes that the name offends—aren’t at all offended. The same poll found that “7 in 10 said they did not feel the word “Redskin” was disrespectful to Indians. An even higher number — 8 in 10 — said they would not be offended if a non-native called them that name.” So why do (mostly white) leftists moan about the Redskins name? Because they are professional virtue-signalers and experts in the tactics of feigning outrage and offense.

The truth is that many, perhaps most, leftists hate sport because they recognise that it is a fundamentally conservative institution. Sports are jingoistic (according to that left-wing hero Noam Chomsky, “professional sports are a way of building up jingoist fanaticism…[and] an irrational submissiveness to power”), competitive, merit-based and rewarding, inegalitarian, respectful of time-honored traditions and the past, law/rule-abiding, personal responsibility-promoting, gender realist (leftists would say misogynistic), and a way for the ordinary man to improve his lot without the intervention of the state. These are all characteristics the Left associates with conservatism.

Sports are like this partly because their fans are relatively conservative. But the Left couldn’t care less what ordinary folk think. It’s precisely because they believe (correctly, we think) that sport is a fundamentally conservative institution that they want to tear it down. And if they can’t do that with the immediacy that they doubtless desire, they’ll slowly eat away at its core until it’s utterly unrecognizable. For them, left-wing politics and ideology must invade every area of life. Their object is the destruction of institutions and traditions.

This is the rotten fruit of leftism.


Conservatrarian has a degree in philosophy from the UK. He has published papers mostly on topics in applied ethics. Conservatrarian carries a Glock 19 with a 15 round magazine on his hip at all times, so mess with him at your own peril.

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  1. I definitely think that’s part of it. Also add that the left has put pressure on the NFL in terms of injuries (perceived or real e.g. when it comes to brain injuries) to make rule changes every year. Some are perhaps sensible, but some aren’t (and for what it’s worth, I don’t find the empirical data on brain injuries terribly compelling). And it’s changed the game and is changing the game. “Progress.” Well, I suspect that most sports fans don’t like that sort of progress. They come to sports because its something they like, watching sports is part of their family/friend tradition, and its a fairly stable fixture in their lives. But increasingly it’s not like it used to be.

    The NFL has also made a deal with the Devil, I think, with its NFL ticket on DIRECTV. Sports is one of the few money makers since people will still pay to watch it live. But this makes it harder for the average Joe to afford and watch it since sports is included in a bundle package increasing the cost. Because it’s increasingly more difficult to watch games with little cost and the NFL is increasingly more PC, there’s less incentive to go out of one’s way to try to find an affordable way to watch it.

    • Hey AR-15, can you elaborate on why you find the the evidence proposing a link between football-caused concussions with CTE? I’m curious.

  2. Good observations. The leftist liberals are obsessed with their ideology. Essentially they’re fundamentalist, frothing religious fanatics and don’t even recognize it.

  3. This post repeats a very common mistake in current bipolar political whining: presuming that before the evil leftists/conservatives came along the field at issue was politically neutral.

    The “tradition” of on-field national-anthem-standing that people like Kaepernick are “disrespecting” goes back about 7 years –
    NFL teams take taxpayer money from the pentagon to push pro-military pageantry before and after games – – is this supposed to be the politically neutral world of sport before Kaepernick “politicized” and “poisoned” the NFL?

    Just acknowledge that you’re fine with things being politicized until it’s by someone you don’t like. Anything else, let alone an attempt to describe the process by which you rationalize this childish goodies and baddies stuff as “philosophy,” is disingenuous claptrap.

    • Hello Fool,

      “The “tradition” of on-field national-anthem-standing that people like Kaepernick are “disrespecting” goes back about 7 years”

      NFL players being on the field for the national anthem may go back only 7 years, but standing for the national anthem if one is appropriately located is a tradition that goes back many more years. And the point regarding Kaepernick was not in any case to do with tradition, so your response here misses the target entirely.

      “NFL teams take taxpayer money from the pentagon to push pro-military pageantry before and after games…is this supposed to be the politically neutral world of sport before Kaepernick “politicized” and “poisoned” the NFL?”

      If patriotism and support of the armed forces are political (if that’s your claim, you might as well have pointed out the unremarkable fact that the national anthem is played at every game, often in the presence a color guard), then they are benign in that they don’t threaten sport and gratuitously offend fans. The fans obviously have no objection whatever. Most of the people who’d find these objectionable are radical left-wingers, the vast majority of whom couldn’t care less about sports.

    • To add to Conservatarian’s points, that leftists poison spheres by injecting their ruinous political philosophy into them doesn’t mean that when conservatives might do so in order to preserve good traditions, we must also think they engaged in a poisonous tainting of those areas of life. Indeed, there are goodies and baddies in this world, and mocking such a distinction just shows you’re a tool of the left–ironic for a commenter struggling to put his thespian hat on tight and act like s/he’s above “bipolar political whining.”

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