Hey, Non-White Guys and MTV

MTV recently published a video entitled Hey, White Guys. The people in the video gave white men several resolutions for the upcoming year, usually involving implications that racism and sexism are problems for white men. So since some people are in the spirit of offering cheerful advice, I thought that I’d offer my own.

Hey, Black Guys:

If you haven’t already, finish school. High school graduation rates for black youth are far lower than white youth. That has obvious implications in the ability to secure a stable financial future, because employers want educated employees. Of course, you could open your own business, but that often requires a general education, too. See here and here.

If you have a kid, and if you’re not already a good father representative, then please be a better father representative to your children. Black families are more likely to lack a father representative than white families; and we all know that the lacking of father representative has a negative impact on children. Your free action brought another person into this world to whom you owe love, care, protection, and support—so be there. If you can’t handle that responsibility, then don’t have sex.

If you’re going to have children, then form a loving and stable relationship with the mother, something like marriage, because it is beneficial for your children. Black marriage rates have plummeted consistently lower than white marriages, and it continues to drop. I’m not advocating shotgun marriages, but you really shouldn’t be having sex with someone you’re not married to anyways. The Sexual Revolution has not been kind to black families.

If you’re married, try your best to stay married. Black divorce rates are higher than white divorce rates, and divorce often leads to poorer households and can create an emotional strain on your children.

Stay out of jail. Don’t commit crimes. The incarceration rates for black males is insane. It’s far higher than previous years (say before 1975, and that these years coincide with the breakdown of the traditional family and traditional morality is not coincidental), but yet there is far less racism today than there ever was in the US. Let’s be honest: Culture matters. There are cultural ills in the black community and family (see here and here). Please don’t blame bad behaviour on poverty alone, because that’s an insult to the poor. If you’re poor, then, by definition, you lack money, but you don’t need to lack virtue and goodness. That’s a choice.

Hey, Black Women:

First things first: OJ Simpson is guilty as sin for those murders–admit it.

Police officers are not the biggest threats to the lives of black people. Instead, pregnant, black women are the biggest threats. Black women have far more abortions than what is representative of their population. Black lives do matter, so please stop killing your children.

Hey, Feminist-y Women:

Quit saying that pro-life men and pro-life laws want control over your bodies. That’s delusional and self-absorbed. Instead, such men and such laws aim to restrict the harm that can be done to the body of another person. Likewise, laws that make it illegal for someone to punch another person in the nose are not laws aimed for control over bodies. They’re laws aimed to protect persons from harm perpetrated by other people. We don’t care much about your bodily autonomy inasmuch as its expression doesn’t harm other people.

Here’s another thing: Women initiate divorce in 65-70% of all cases, but the initiation rate of a break-up in a non-marriage is far more equal between the sexes. Women, stop that. If you get married, then you enter into a union, covenant and commitment, particularly if you have children. Honor it, not for his benefit, but for your sake of your word, children and your promise to God. That doesn’t mean that you cannot separate if there is abuse, but you should avoid divorce. Divorce is an evil that is far too common today.

This is not mansplaining. This is Catholic-splaining. 🙂

Hey, Men:

I’m all for the traditional family: Men protect and provide while women nurture the children and home. However, if it is truly fiscally necessary that the woman enters the labour force fulltime, then you should contribute equally to the household chores and nurturing of the children. Don’t sit on your butt. Otherwise, you overburden your wife, which is a failure to serve as her husband and as a father to your children. One of the common contributors to a failed marriage stems from the unhappiness working women feel when they are left to work and do all the care for the children and household.

Hey, Protestants and Muslims:

Don’t be heretics.

Hey, Atheists:

Don’t be delusional.

Hey, Practicing Gay People:

If a sincere and good-willed Christian declines to bake a wedding cake for your same-sex wedding, or to do the camera work, or the florist job, it likely isn’t personal. He likely isn’t a bigot or “homophobe”, and he likely doesn’t decline out of malice, but out of concern for his spiritual well-being. The restriction is placed directly and intentionally on his own behaviour, which affects you indirectly and unintentionally. These Christians are not moral monsters, but just persons trying to conform to that which they believe God asks of them, and these are likely persons who would give you the shirts off their back if you asked. They just can’t be expected to sin.

You might object that these Christians should not be serving the public, and that’s fine. Here we have a disagreement about the nature and function of public space and access, which is a legitimate debate. But that dispute is not to question the moral character of those Christians, so quit demonizing them.


Annnnnnd I’m done. Have a happy new year.



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