Philosophy Professor Assaults Trump Supporters

The “AntiFa” protestor who swung a bike lock into Trump supporters’ heads seems to have been identified as  philosophy professor Eric Clanton. Looks to be a charming fellow. Hopefully he will be officially identified and quickly charged with multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

When Fascism comes to America, it will be called anti-Fascism.”

Federal Philosopher

Federal Philosopher is a philosophy graduate student in New Jersey. She was awakened from her political slumbers after reading biographies of Margaret Thatcher. She loves philosophy, but thinks the profession has been hijacked by a bunch of leftist bullies who are little more than partisan journalists that happen to know philosophical jargon. She carries a recurve bow and quiver full of arrows at all times, so as not to trigger leftists by saying she packs a .380 in her purse.

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  1. Perhaps the very first time I heard of a philosophy professor who was also a violent thug – and wouldn’t you know it, it was a LEFTIST!

    The Left is going bonkers right now; I really don’t get it.

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