Changes Coming

Changes are coming to Rightly Considered. I wanted to take a moment to announce that, as some of our regular contributors finish up semesters.

We started this website with hopes that it might gain some following, but not really knowing what to expect. We didn’t know whether anyone outside of ourselves would care. What we learned in the following months was that people do care—we’ve had a number of other major blogs link to us, we’ve gotten a number of commenters from across the political spectrum, and we’ve received emails from professors expressing thanks for  finally voicing a different perspective in philosophy. All this, despite the fact that we are a handful of folks who are new to running a website.

Which brings me to our plans to grow and improve the website. Over the coming days and weeks, we will be making tweaks to the website. This period of change also seemed like a good time to introduce a new writer to our team—Lucius Vorenus. Vorenus is a philosopher somewhere in the United States. A former libertarian, he would now describe his views as a mix of classical liberalism and Burkean conservatism. He also thinks academic philosophy is long overdue for a shake up.

We look forward to posts from Lucius, and we remain committed to making this a platform for the philosophical right.

Walter Montgomery

Walter is a philosophy graduate student in New Hampshire. He sometimes wishes he was a lawyer, and other times wishes he was a basketball coach. Some of his favorite childhood memories involve traveling with his immediate family, grandparents, and cousins’ family in big gas-guzzling vans towing campers. He sees philosophy as a tool for getting at Truth, and thinks too many contemporary philosophers see it as a tool for advancing their ideological preferences.

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