More Recordings Surface in the Curry Case

This just in.

I have not been following the story closely, so I will reserve the right to comment about the details later. I see that the Daily Noise is (of course) taking pains to defend Curry. One thing that we do know is that, if Curry were white, he would have been forced out long, long ago. Such is the state of Amerika.

Do readers have any insight into this?


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  1. I have it on good authority that the A&M philosophy department tried to pressure graduate students into signing a letter of support for Curry, but most (I think) did not do so. Don’t be surprised if even more audio surfaces. There are a lot of things that have not yet been reported.

  2. We *could* try to point to a control case with some conservative professor being or not being run out of a university for such inflammatory statements (in context of not), but here’s the thing: conservatives have already been run out of universities in massive numbers pre-emptively, before they would ever even consider being professors or grad students. That’s the large-scale, long-term scandal here.

    I think it evident, by any number of metrics, that the notion that non-conservatives mostly in control of the educational institutions would make for a smarter, more well-informed, more ethical citizenry, can be blasted to smithereens. In fact, “Progressives” have done a lousy job of even meeting a minimal standard of achievement in this area over and above what any alternatives might produce. What’s more, the “Progressives” steadfastly refuse to seriously consider the evidence that they just aren’t up to the task anymore than anyone else is. That makes them somewhat villainous in my opinion. They have a near-monopoly on K-12 in the form of taxpayer-subsidized schooling, they have a large majority in the universities, and so on and on, and yet the outcomes are mediocre. For anyone with a lick of common sense, this would be a strong sign of need for serious reforms and greater accountability. But they fight any such reforms and accountability, tooth and nail.

    So we get an incident like this, we know that campuses are generally hostile to conservative ideas and so we’d probably never see a comparable incident with a conservative (who is probably having to keep his or her mouth shut prior to tenure). We know that on many campuses a Charles Murray would face protests, hostility, etc., for views that aren’t even in the same ballpark as calling for any form of racial violence (on this I’m fairly sure he agrees with MLK and not with this Curry individual – I mean, sure, some white people might have to die in some limited number of cases if racial justice is to be promoted (you could imagine the scenarios) but would it be on account of the whiteness of the people or their racism?), but rather for views that some intellectually reckless organization tarred him with, an organization that the campus or outsider-agitator leftists took as an authority.

    Here’s the biggest sign of intellectual and moral bankruptcy on the left: against a candidate like Trump, they couldn’t put up a winner. They could, like losers, blame sexism or misogyny (while assuming that when Trump bragged about grabbing women by the pussy that he meant non-consensually – their default appears to be to *assume the worst* about things non-“progressives” say), they can’t really blame racism given Obama’s two POTUS terms, they can’t blame citizen stupidity without that being a double-edged sword (was Obama really without much question the smarter choice than Romney, or the one best option in ’08 notwithstanding McCain’s terrible VP pick?), they really have no one to blame but their own out-of-control hostility toward lots of things that the swing voters still care about. And they don’t really have the intellectual resources to fortify all that hostility. Their *best* intellectual resources – and were talking the likes of Rawls, R. Dworkin, or Nagel – don’t come close to justifying that overwhelming hostility. But those are the resources they *could* and *should* be drawing on if they want to make their best case. Somehow the message never got to the activist rank-and-file that has made an utter embarrassment of the left. Somehow the universities did an unsatisfactory job of fortifying these former and current students with the *how* of thinking – how to do their research homework thoroughly, how to spot the best arguments, etc. – rather than with the *what* (a prominent Harvard guy Rawls said such an such, most academics are in agreement with him and not that other Harvard guy Nozick, so the students can rest easy in the “knowledge” that their “progressive” views don’t or won’t face serious opposition; the better ones who go on to do better study at the grad or professional levels end up talking to other academics mostly, “teaching” students the “latest” in the state of the political debates, but doing almost vanishingly little to educate, inform, persuade, etc. the population at large; that’s how the likes of Rand helped to fill that void much to their consternation).

    So that’s the intellectual state of the Left in a nutshell. I believe Aristotle would be aghast, and not approving. I believe anyone who came along with some moniker indicating “ultimate philosopher” aspirations and did what she/he could to live up to the aspirations, would see right through the facade of the left for the intellectual sham that it is (and endorse free-market libertarianism for the slam-dunk best political vision that there is – based on all the homework that can and should be done in poli-phi). When Curry finds a comfy home in academe while Charles Murray faces blind hysteria there, what else is there to conclude about the Left?

    Maverick Philosopher occasionally employs the phrase, “There is no wisdom on the left.” (He credits Dennis Prager for that line.) And why would we expect there to be wisdom on the left? What do they offer beyond a (bankrupt) political-economic vision? What about ethics and culture? Indirectly they have contributed to the destruction or decay of these things. Perhaps the last time there was wisdom to be found on what we might call the “progressive” “left” was in 19th century England (Mill). (And not Marx, the hero of the far left.) Various things have been learned since then and even Mill today would probably be aghast at the hash that “progressives” have made of ideas.

    Let’s also not forget to have the BS antennae fully extended when people identify themselves in such morally-loaded terms as “progressive.” Also the intellectual-bankruptcy antennae. What did these folks ever do to deserve such a label, when they won’t even read with any serious interest or attention the likes of Rand, Mises, Hayek, Nozick, et al? If they had done these things, they wouldn’t be in the sorry state they are now, with the likes of Curry overseeing their “education” (which is not to imply anything more than that Curry is hardly at the level of these thinkers – but which thinkers’ ideas do you think his students are most familiar with?).

    It’s the widespread adoption of the “progressive” label (I guess “liberal” wasn’t working out all that well for them?) that should have been the red flag signaling intellectual illness here. Hell, I’m far more progressive than the campus-coddled, intellectually-lazy crybullies and their enablers who call themselves such. Maybe if they adopted intellectually-thorough Aristotelian modes of intellectual curiosity and inquiry they would become truly progressive; no thanks to “higher ed” I won’t be holding my breath. 🙁

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