Hackers Take Down Philosophy Grad Student Philippe Lemoine’s Blog…

…after his devastatingly well-argued piece on overrepresentation of women in philosophy.

We ourselves have survived hacking attempts and thrived.  Bring it.

UPDATE: It is now back online.



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  1. But…but…but…implicit bias, and stereotype threat, and patriarchy.

    I mean, if we don’t rid the world of Christians (or first at least the white men), how will there be justice?

    We need to continue striving for a world where a man with a mustache and penis is recognized as a woman just because he says so; a world where babies are murdered on a whim because no one is able to keep it in his pants; a world where everyone seeks ultimate meaning for their human existence in pleasuring their genitals however they please; a world without rules or reason; a world, in short, that becomes nothing but a playground for overgrown children to do as they will.

    If that doesn’t happen, how will we hide our shame?

  2. It’s an ill wind that blows no man good – if it hadn’t been for the Streisand Effect kicking in due to your reporting of the hacking, I would never have read this very interesting blog post from Mr. Lemoine.

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