Roger Scruton chats with James Delingpole of Breitbart

When the venerable Sir Roger Scruton speaks, I listen. One of my favorite spokesman for conservatism and always a gentleman, he shares his insight on the recent elections in Britain, Islam and the West, the state of the left, what it means to be conservative, and much more on James Delingpole’s daily podcast for Breitbart News.

It’s definitely not one to miss. The scrutable Scruton’s a fount of wisdom from which anyone who endeavors to think critically about political philosophy must drink. This is required listening for those who want to be right—rightly considered that is.
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Jan Sobieski IV

For Jan Sobieski IV, the West is on the precipice of ruin again. With interests in journalism and philosophy, he’s a millennial convinced we’re living in another Vienna, 1683. Sobieski IV aspires to help lead the pivotal charge for Western civilization against those seeking to overrun or open her gates—these days, they’re one and the same, deserving nothing but the fury of the winged hussar reborn.

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  1. Strange that a man of integrity and principle like Scruton would chat with the miscreants and trolls at Breitbart.

    • Not that I’m familiar very with James Delingpole, but during the interview, he didn’t seem like the typical “miscreant and troll” that’s typically ascribed with those associated with Breitbart.

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