A Message for Leftist Professors from Jason Stanley

Jason Stanley has a message for leftist professors, and I just thought I’d help him get the word out as far and wide as possible.

Yes, it’s true, leftist professors. Jason experienced this first-hand when the so-far-right-they-are-Genghis Khan website Rightly Considered published his Facebook status, which said “Fuck those assholes,” about the stately Richard Swinburne and supporters of traditional views on sexual ethics. Of course, they completely ripped it out of context! So be careful leftist professors. Oh for the good ol’ days when you could just spew hate without repercussion!

Walter Montgomery

Walter is a philosophy graduate student in New Hampshire. He sometimes wishes he was a lawyer, and other times wishes he was a basketball coach. Some of his favorite childhood memories involve traveling with his immediate family, grandparents, and cousins’ family in big gas-guzzling vans towing campers. He sees philosophy as a tool for getting at Truth, and thinks too many contemporary philosophers see it as a tool for advancing their ideological preferences.

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  1. Tip 2: If someone does take a screenshot and publicize what you say, have a good laugh, because it doesn’t matter anyway! The left totally controls academia and agrees with what you say! So, don’t worry about it. But it’s fun to pretend that you’re some kind of rebel or edgy provocateur even though you are really just a tool of the establishment. 

    • The only mistake they could make is straying from the fold and standing up to antifa, like Bret Weinstein did at Evergreen State.

  2. “Fuck those assholes,” could only be taken out of context in two ways:

    (1) You are quoting someone you disagree with, but sans this context the assumption is you are the one making the claim.

    (2) I was just joking.

    The first can’t work if everyone already knows your ideological orientation. The second only matters for those ignorant of your general reactions to like minded matters.

    Seems Stanley really screwed the pooch on that one. At least, though, he isn’t talking about giant inanimate plastic sex toys being queer (somehow) and hoping someone would suck on said toy, a la… well… you know.

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