Feminist Philosophy Chair to Grad Student: Criticize Islam Anymore and You’ll Either Be Kicked Out or Sent to Reeducation Camp

Here is the audio of the conversation that apparently took place between the department chair of a University of Texas school and a graduate student. It’s not exactly clear what precipitated the meeting, but it seems to be something like this: The student (who is bisexual) had a conversation with another graduate student, and this other student’s fiancé came up. She said that her fiancé is a Muslim and the other student, bothered by this, noted that bisexuals like him would be killed in ten Muslim countries. Then this female student probably reported this to the chair.

I have often wondered whether, in the ongoing race to destroy the West, which would be the first to go–radical sex culture or Islam. Perhaps we get an indication above.


A former police officer, AR-15 (or “AR”) knows the difference between an assault rifle and home defense rifle. AR now fights with other weapons and demolishes arguments. He agrees that the pen is mightier than the sword, but he isn’t so stupid to bring a pen to a gunfight.

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  1. Both Muslims and homosexuals are social mascots of the liberal establishment. Which ranks higher in the pecking order? Depends on the situation. After the Orlando homo-night club massacre the “LGBT community” was parroting leftist talking points about gun control and “hate crimes”, but little was made of the Islamic connection.

    Blacks and women are finding themselves pushed further and further out to pasture on the liberal plantation. Ironically “trans” issues have been trumping feminist ideals for a decade or so now. We have biological males on estrogen therapy beating females in “womens sporting events”, and all the while the femin-nazis are forced to celebrate their own pummeling, both literally and metaphorically.

    One wonders how leftists hold their aggrieved, victimized, fractured coalition together. I guess it’s the old “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” mentality.

    Historically when the libs fully gain power, well that’s when the blood-letting usually begins in earnest.

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