How to Do Philosophy Without a Hammer

Social pressure is so powerful and so is self-deception.
You have to be a bit anti-social to stand your ground.
You can be and do anything you want and be praised for it, if only you kneel in fealty to 21st century cultural Marxism and sexual paganism.
And everyone is so nice. Like me.
So why shouldn’t you kneel? Why shouldn’t I?
What wonderful friends. Supportive, kind, virtuous, on the right side of history.
And they’re so smart. Surely people this smart couldn’t be so wrong?
And they’re so sophisticated. Surely the fundamentalist hasn’t been exposed to the Deep Truths.
Surely my family–broken–was never exposed. Not like me.

You can still be a Christian, if that’s your thing, courageous or not.
Your friends are so nice and tolerant, so they’ll not only let you, they’ll encourage you to be.
A little thing…
Just make sure. Make sure
It fits in with the naturalists’ research program.
It is held tenuously.
It is not infused with the power of the Holy Spirit.
It doesn’t inform your moral judgments.
Don’t judge with those judgments. (Or vote…)(Trump. Trump. Trump. A fucking racist fucking sexist fucking bigoted….scares the fuck out of…a FUCKING FUCK!)

Unless they happen to fit with the new consensus zeitgeist.
You can still be a Christian!
We have a Sensus Consensus.
So what’s your problem?

~Uber Munchkin


A former police officer, AR-15 (or “AR”) knows the difference between an assault rifle and home defense rifle. AR now fights with other weapons and demolishes arguments. He agrees that the pen is mightier than the sword, but he isn’t so stupid to bring a pen to a gunfight.

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  1. Yep. That’s what they tell us. You can still be a Christian as long as your Christianity doesn’t mean anything. As long as you accept only the parts that can be easily interpreted in light of 21st Century “knowledge.” As long as you acknowledge that pleasure and pain are the true creator gods, and that a God of judgment who isn’t subject to the supremacy of the great Hedon is fundamentally evil, and are willing to fight tooth and nail against anyone who believes in such a God or (Hedon forbid) uses that belief to impact their life, conception of society, government etc. As long as you aren’t THAT kind of Christian, then yeah you can totally be one.

  2. “You can be and do anything you want and be praised for it, if only you kneel in fealty to 21st century cultural Marxism and sexual paganism.”

    Cultural Marxism is not only necessary, but sufficient for success in philosophy? I’d reject both claims.

    I’m sorry, but I didn’t know FoxNews University was located in NJ. Seriously, this kind of statement about the academy is strikingly out of touch with the reality. Outside history and English and women’s studies, and *maybe a very small handful of philosophy departments *in the US, you don’t hear a damn thing about cultural Marxism or gender.

    If you’re in a department where doing philosophy requires being a cultural Marxist, you’re at the wrong school. That’s not the fault of society at large. It’s yours.

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