Don Lemon and Ryan Anderson Debate Homo “Marriage” Stuff

A few years back, Ryan Anderson and CNN Don Lemon debated some issues concerning Obergefell v. Hodges. I just noticed the debate now. I’m late – I know. Have a look at the linked video. It’s short, so please watch it.

The First Dispute 

Lemon describes the SCOTUS case as one about legalizing homo “marriage”. Anderson replies that the issue isn’t about legalizing homo “marriage”. Instead, it’s about the definition of marriage. Lemon takes issue with this, believing that homo “marriage” is, in fact, illegal in many states.

Assessment: Lemon is wrong and Anderson is right. There were states where two men could not attain a marriage license and the were states that would not recognize a marriage license between two men, but that doesn’t make a “marriage” between two men illegal. It was, at most, non-legal and unrecognized in the eyes of state law.  Lemon confuses that which is non-legal with that which is illegal.

The Second Dispute

This dispute is largely parasitic on the first. Lemon thinks that SCOTUS is deciding whether to legalize homo “marriage” across the board. Anderson disagrees, believing it to be a matter about the definition of marriage.

Assessment: Lemon is wrong. The main issue for SCOTUS is whether a state can restrict its understanding of marriage as an institution between a man and a woman; hence, the issue is whether a state can define or understand marriage in a way that is exclusively between a man and a woman. Again, this is not a debate about whether states can make homo “marriage” illegal – it’s about whether states have to understand marriage in a way open to two men or two women. As Anderson said, it is about the definition of marriage, particularly one that every state must adopt.

The Third Dispute

Anderson said that studies have shown that children do better with traditional families. Lemon replied that Anderson is wrong because there are some heterosexual parents who act as horrible parents, even worse than some homo “parents”.

Assessment: Lemon is being a moron. Anderson is making a claim about an average – it’s a generalized statement in the same form as “men are taller than women”. Yes, some women are taller than some men, but men are still, on average, taller than women. Thus, we say: Men are taller than women. Likewise, when Anderson states that children do better with traditional families, he means that, on average, they fare better with traditional families. Anderson is not making a universal generalization about every single child and family. That should be freaking obvious.

I know that this issue is now a bit of a dead horse because, in part, Justice Kennedy has confused and crazy ideas about freedom and liberty (see here and here and  here  and here and here ), but it is still useful to point out how stupid some liberal reporters can be.


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