Basket of Deplorable Links

December 11, 2017 AR-15 1

Catholic philosophers argue about whether the death penalty is intrinsically wrong. Modern day corporate culture squashes free speech, and government helped encourage this culture. Don’t know what to think about the Net Neutrality issue? Here’s everything you need to know on why it’s a terrible idea. More justification for skepticism about the catastrophic effects of “climate change”. You probably already knew this, because readers of our blog tend to be smart, but in case you [Continue reading]

How to Do Philosophy Without a Hammer

November 8, 2017 AR-15 2

Social pressure is so powerful and so is self-deception. You have to be a bit anti-social to stand your ground. Selah You can be and do anything you want and be praised for it, if only you kneel in fealty to 21st century cultural Marxism and sexual paganism. And everyone is so nice. Like me. So why shouldn’t you kneel? Why shouldn’t I? What wonderful friends. Supportive, kind, virtuous, on the right side of history. [Continue reading]

Europe’s Miserable Condition: On The Paris Statement

October 27, 2017 AR-15 5

A guest post from The Notorious J.A.C. (a.k.a., Jacques).  Scruton and others recently issued the so-called “Paris Statement” (PS) on Europe’s miserable condition.  In some respects, PS seems important and right.  Here I want to register some complaints: PS, 1:   “Europe belongs to us, and we belong to Europe. These lands are our home; we have no other. The reasons we hold Europe dear exceed our ability to explain or justify our loyalty. It is [Continue reading]

Feminist Philosophy Chair to Grad Student: Criticize Islam Anymore and You’ll Either Be Kicked Out or Sent to Reeducation Camp

September 23, 2017 AR-15 4

Here is the audio of the conversation that apparently took place between the department chair of a University of Texas school and a graduate student. It’s not exactly clear what precipitated the meeting, but it seems to be something like this: The student (who is bisexual) had a conversation with another graduate student, and this other student’s fiancé came up. She said that her fiancé is a Muslim and the other student, bothered by this, [Continue reading]

Basket of Deplorable Links

September 22, 2017 AR-15 0

Readers have probably already seen this from Philippe Lemoine, but I’ll put it here for the title alone, “It’s Not Hard for Conservatives to Be on Campus Because They’re Stupid, It’s Hard Because You Are” Campus Reform picks up the Leslie Green affair as well: “Prof: conservatives outnumbered because they’re ‘truth deniers’” More on P-values and the crisis in the social sciences “A Deep Dive Into the Blockbuster Study That Called Into Doubt a Lot [Continue reading]

Because They Are Leftist Echo Chambers

September 18, 2017 AR-15 13

This is really rich over at the homophonically-racist website, the Daily Noose. Professor of Philosophy and Law, Leslie* Green, tells us that when the right refers to universities as “liberal,” they mean universities filled with people who believe the following: Species arose through natural selection. No author of any gospel ever met Jesus. Homosexuality is a normal variant in human behaviour. The United States lost a war against Vietnam. Human activity is a significant cause [Continue reading]

Basket of Deplorable Paris Agreement Links

June 2, 2017 AR-15 5

Cato: The Scientific Argument Against The Paris Climate Agreement Andrew McCarthy’s  Legal Analysis of  Obama’s Illegal Actions The U.S. Can’t Quit the Paris Agreement Because It Never Joined The Ineffectiveness of Such Agreements on Reducing Carbon Is Global Warming a Myth: This Climate Scientist Says, “Yes” The 97% Consensus Fraud Debunked Here and Here

Another Failed Attempt by Feminist Propagandists in Philosophy

May 26, 2017 AR-15 3

Philosophical Studies published this specimen on the rate of women publishing in philosophy journals. Of particular note is not why in the hell Phil Studies published some half-baked social science paper, but that women were slightly overrepresented in journals that had non-anonymous reviews but underrepresented in those which had anonymous reviews. For analysis and to see how the authors spun the data (which no doubt will gain some traction) see this helpful commentary. Here is a [Continue reading]