Part 3: Responding to Transgender Philosophers: Robin Dembroff’s Pronoun Argument

January 17, 2018 Catholic Hulk 0

This is the 3rd and last part of my series. If you haven’t read Part 1 & 2, then please do. In this blogpost, I respond to Robin Dembroff (who is transgender) and Daniel Wodak’s argument that we should use the pronoun they or ze to instead of he or she. Please read their argument here. You might also be interested in what Dembroff had to say about pronouns earlier in her life. Permit me a rather [Continue reading]

Part 2: Responding to Transgender Philosophers: “Talia Mae Bettcher”

January 15, 2018 Catholic Hulk 1

Here we are for Part 2 of my series. If you haven’t read Part 1, you might want to do that now. In this blogpost, I respond to Bettcher again. But my attention is directed toward a different essay, one entitled Trans-Women and the Meaning of “Woman”. You can access the article here – it’s free and in full. I’m not going to recast or summarize the argument Bettcher makes, because that would be too [Continue reading]

Part 1: Responding to Transgender Philosophers – “Talia Mae Bettcher”

January 14, 2018 Catholic Hulk 6

I recently read some work of a transgender philosopher, one who goes by the name Talia Mae Bettcher. In his essay entitled Trans-Identities and First-Person Authority , Bettcher challenges the definitional account of a woman or term ‘woman’. I’d like to respond to him. This will be Part 1 in a series of posts toward some transgender philosophers and their ideas. Bettcher writes: In analyzing the semantic content of gender terms such as “woman,” a first [Continue reading]

On Half Men: A Rant Againt Feminism and the Neglect of Virility

January 8, 2018 Catholic Hulk 12

Men were once heads of their households (kyrios). We understood and valued honour, and we once strived for andreia and virilitas. We knew what was expected of us as men, and it conformed well with our nature as men (please read this link). But just like in Eden, things changed. Like Adam, men were not up to the burden of being kyrios; and so the order of our houses and the polis fell to the feminist movements (yes, even the first-wave feminism). [Continue reading]

“Philosopher” Robin Dembroff Writes About Roy Moore

January 5, 2018 Catholic Hulk 41

Robin Dembroff, a celebrity among lefty, tranny and sodomite philosophers, has produced a small article on Roy Moore, calling him odious. I want to address some of what she (I decline to use her preferred personal pronoun they) has stated. Dembroff writes: No, let’s not forget Roy Moore’s repeated and firm insistence that millions of Americans, including myself, belong in prison simply for being gay. He made this plain when he told CSPAN’s Bill Press that [Continue reading]

Don Lemon and Ryan Anderson Debate Homo “Marriage” Stuff

January 4, 2018 Catholic Hulk 0

A few years back, Ryan Anderson and CNN Don Lemon debated some issues concerning Obergefell v. Hodges. I just noticed the debate now. I’m late – I know. Have a look at the linked video. It’s short, so please watch it. The First Dispute  Lemon describes the SCOTUS case as one about legalizing homo “marriage”. Anderson replies that the issue isn’t about legalizing homo “marriage”. Instead, it’s about the definition of marriage. Lemon takes issue with this, [Continue reading]

What We Can Learn from the Nativity Story

December 25, 2017 Catholic Hulk 3

Merry Christmas! It’s a joyous time: Christmas is that time of year and day that we celebrate the coming of our Lord for the ultimate purpose of the Atonement. It’s also a time for family, because amongst everything else, the nativity story is also about a family. From a Catholic perspective, we might say it’s a story about the family. From and through Mary, we are given an exemplar of femininity perfected in motherhood. Hence, [Continue reading]

What is natural law?

December 23, 2017 Catholic Hulk 4

Natural law theories have a long history with many different variants and scopes; thus, I couldn’t speak about them all in a blogpost. Instead, I will offer a provisional understanding of a natural theory as it is applied to the moral realm. Readers should understand that what I say here is not exhaustive, nor do I attempt to offer reasons to accept a natural law theory as true. My intent here is just to offer [Continue reading]

In Defence of Philosopher Tully Borland

December 7, 2017 Catholic Hulk 12

Philosopher Tully Borland wrote an article arguing that Alabama citizens should still vote for Moore even if the allegations against him were mostly true. It’s a provocative argument, but it is still sensible and arguable. It’s worth the read. It is therefore surprising that this argument led to venomous abuse and slander toward Borland, with some writers accusing him of defending pedophilia and the molestation of children. These charges are not just false, but also [Continue reading]

On the Black Family, Absentee Parents and Progressivism

November 24, 2017 Catholic Hulk 2

In previous blogposts, I noted that 60s and modern liberalism have been unkind to the black family. The troubles of the black family are widely known, and it is without question that the black family has had a comparably bad run from the 1960s onward. But why? It’s hard to be exact and certain about that, but here is something to note: The black family has had greater problems with absentee parents than white families [Continue reading]