University Teacher in Trouble for Presenting Jordan Peterson Neutrally

November 21, 2017 Catholic Hulk 2

The university is in a crisis. If you’re honest, lefties, you know that this crisis isn’t generated by conservatives and right-wingers, but by a loud and active portion of the socially left. They’re trying to reframe the goal of the university, control speech and dominate the platform. If you’re on the left and you oppose this action, you need to speak to them about it, because they are crazy. Lord knows I’ve tried, but none of [Continue reading]

Women Largely Belong in the Home as Wives and Mothers

November 3, 2017 Catholic Hulk 2

If you’re a modern liberal or a progressivist thinker, or if you’re an ordinary westerner who has not given “political equality” careful thought, the topic of this blogpost might seem repugnant to you. That’s understandable. I was once like that, too. I once thought it was obvious that women should be treated as equal and the same as men, period. But my conviction was pre-philosophical and socially conditioned: I was largely encultured to believe this [Continue reading]

Why I Am Uneasy with Women in Political Office and with Women’s Vote

October 25, 2017 Catholic Hulk 16

Here’s an obvious truth: Men and women are different. This is not just a truth about wee-wees and hoo-haws. It’s also a truth about our character dispositions, interests, concerns, and virtues. We think and act differently. We talk differently.  In a marriage and in child rearing, we also bring different assets and make different contributions. In fact, even when we don’t have children, men still act with the character of fatherliness and women still act with [Continue reading]

Child Stability: Marriage > Cohabitation

October 17, 2017 Catholic Hulk 0

It is well understood that children do better in two-parent families than in single-parent families. It’s also well understood that if that absentee parent is the father, then children are more likely to have behavioural issues and display instability. We also know that divorce negatively impacts children. That’s all common sociological knowledge. What has not been well evidenced is whether marriage confers more child stability than cohabitation (though we did have some decent evidence), which [Continue reading]

Public Education, Teacher Unions and Brainwashing

October 13, 2017 Catholic Hulk 4

I have acquired a copy of Social Justice Begins With Me: A Resource Guide. It is a guide for Ontario’s public school teachers published by their union (ETFO). The book is a guide for teachers: It guides them in promoting the SJW-progressive perspective within classrooms. Personally, I’m not a fan of public schools or teacher unions educating children for values that extend beyond classical liberalism, but social justice is a hard thing to get very [Continue reading]

Whatever Happened to Christian Crusader Mentality?

September 24, 2017 Catholic Hulk 38

The first papal proposal for a crusade was in 1074 by Pope Gregory VII. Gregory was responding to the conquests of Antioch and Nicaea, the reports of Christians “slaughtered like cattle” and reports of Constantinople threatened. You can read some of what he said here. For a number of reasons, his proposal did not substantiate into much. That’s too bad, if you ask me. Near the end of the eleventh century, Alexios and the Byzantines from the Christian [Continue reading]

Brooke Baldwin, CNN and Boobies: Who Really Demeans Women?

September 19, 2017 Catholic Hulk 13

Clay Travis said that he liked boobs during a live TV segment on CNN. Anchorwoman Brooke Baldwin then cut off his mic, choosing to end the interview. Baldwin later issued a statement expressing shock and disbelief that a man could say that in 2017 and that it was demeaning to women. Sure, the remark was juvenile and inappropriate in that conversation, but it didn’t demean women. That is, he didn’t reduce women to their breasts [Continue reading]

The Nashville Statement: A Rant About the Religion of Progressivism and the Failure of Protestantism

September 6, 2017 Catholic Hulk 12

I’m ranting. Deal with it. Several days ago Internet Progressivists and Sola-Feel Christians lost their minds in response to the Nashville Statement.  Apparently this is the first time they’ve been made aware of what Christian teaching has pretty much always said about the homo stuff. Needless to say, they had plenty of tears and outrage while actual Christians stared incredulously. But what concerns me here are two things: The religion of progressivism and the failure of Protestantism. [Continue reading]