The Pedagogy Paradox for Conservative Professors

December 6, 2016 Federal Philosopher 14

Conservative philosophy professor Daniel Bonevac (University of Texas at Austin) has decided no longer to teach his popular ethics class with a thirty-year pedigree, Contemporary Moral Problems. The reason, he explained to The College Fix, is that “it’s not possible to teach the course the way I used to teach it.” Why? Because “students clam up as soon as conversation veers close to anything controversial and one side might be viewed as politically incorrect. The [Continue reading]

The Girls Who Cry Wolf

November 29, 2016 Federal Philosopher 7

Here is a sober article on the discrimination hypothesis against women in philosophy. The authors identify six lines of argument for the hypothesis, and in each case find that proponents of the discrimination hypothesis, who include distinguished philosophers in fields such as philosophy of science, metaphysics, and philosophy of language, have tended to present evidence selectively. Occasionally they have even presented as evidence what appears to be something more dubious—for example, studies supporting the discrimination [Continue reading]

What the Electoral College and the Free Will Defense Have in Common

November 16, 2016 Federal Philosopher 8

The electoral college, like Alvin Plantinga’s Free Will Defense, is criticized almost exclusively by people who don’t understand it. Both are also the kinds of things easier to understand in reverse: understanding first the overall upshot first helps to aid understanding of the nuts and bolts. With respect to the electoral college, it’s easy to find articles with heavy emphasis on the latter but light emphasis on the former. This is one of the better [Continue reading]

How to Thrive in Philosophy as a Woman

November 14, 2016 Federal Philosopher 12

In the wake of the election results, we realize that many women in philosophy might be feeling discouraged or even traumatized at the prospect of having Mister Serial Braggart Potty Mouth Trump as president, since his ascension to power will no doubt empower all men to go out in the streets and start grabbing women by the p*ssy. It is already practically impossible for a woman to survive in the field of philosophy for very long. Early drop out rates are much higher [Continue reading]

Craig and the “Lesser of Two Evils” Argument for Voting Trump

November 7, 2016 Federal Philosopher 11

Christian philosopher William Lane Craig has recently triggered the few remaining never-Trumpers by recommending—albeit by implication— that Christians ought to vote for Donald Trump. You can listen to the audio here (beginning at 5:50). Craig blasts the view (held by many Christians) that we should refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils as being a “very immature and even childish view of moral decision making.” It is a “common moral experience,” Craig maintains, [Continue reading]

Why the Alt-Right is Ult-Wrong

October 29, 2016 Federal Philosopher 134

For much of my (young) adult life, I thought of myself as a political skeptic of sorts, and proudly so. The philosophical questions I was and am interested in seemed so much more important, and I felt like I could actually get traction on their answers. The bias, manipulation, lies, and bullshit inherent to political discourse, on the other hand, made it seem like a skepticism-inducing Matrix, and I had no desire to enter it. [Continue reading]

Mannesplaining Family Annihilators

October 25, 2016 Federal Philosopher 33

Readers may be interested in this HuffPo gem by Kate Manne, which was sent to us. Who is Kate Manne, you ask? A quick Google search tells us everything we need to know: she’s another over-paid leftist political activist—and feminist, of course—at an elite university. In that sense, HuffPo is a suitable venue for her musings. But we live in strange times—times when Internet op-ed quality material by a misandronist gets contracted with Oxford University [Continue reading]

What is Metaphysics, and Why Do Feminists Care?

October 16, 2016 Federal Philosopher 7

What is metaphysics? Better: what is the subject matter of metaphysics? Historically speaking, the subjects Aristotle covered in Ta Meta ta Phusika are: the rational investigation of the nature of divinity, of being qua being, and of the most basic principles of logic and causality that underlie all of reality. As the discipline of philosophy gets increasingly technical and specialized, its various sub-fields become divided up into more fine-grained classifications. Today we tend to think [Continue reading]

For the Record…

October 9, 2016 Federal Philosopher 32

Update: We’ve been informed that our critics have abandoned the campaign to write an open letter. As such, we’ve removed the original text of the letter as a gesture of goodwill. You know, we’re trying to get back into the habit of making substantive posts, but our critics can’t stop trying to smear us. Jon Cogburn tried to do so by asserting, without even a hint of argument, that our publishing screenshots of Facebook comments of nasty and hateful [Continue reading]

Something Stinks in the Philosophy Blogosphere

September 30, 2016 Federal Philosopher 65

Our goal in starting this blog was to add some diversity to the philosophy blogosphere by offering the right perspective on current events and political topics. It’s no secret that the profession of philosophy is extraordinarily leftist, and all the popular philosophy blogs reflect that. Leiter Reports is left. So is Daily Nous. So is NewApps. So is Philosopher’s Coccoon. So is the APA blog. So is PhilPercs. So is PEASoup.* Boiler plate leftism has [Continue reading]