Dethroning King, Defending Dreher

May 18, 2017 Muckraker 2

“A responsible critic aspires to the heights of intellectual charity, and at least rises to the level of fairness.” So says Nathan (Nate) King at The American Conservative in an article much lauded today by many professing philosophers.  The article is, for the most part, a criticism of Rod Dreher’s provocatively titled essay, “The Self-Murder of Academic Philosophy.”  In the latter essay, Dreher leads by asking why anyone would choose to go into academic philosophy today. He then [Continue reading]

Farming for Philosophers

February 16, 2017 Muckraker 9

Timothy Hsiao teaches philosophy at Florida Gulf Coast University. He’s written several papers on the moral justification for eating meat. His most recent paper offers a defense of industrial animal agriculture, also known as “factory farming.” Most people think that there is nothing wrong with eating industrially farmed meat. Interestingly, even ethicists—who are more likely to rate meat consumption as a morally bad thing—still consume meat at nearly the same rate as non-philosophers. But some, including not a few [Continue reading]

A More Honest Statement from the APA

December 9, 2016 Muckraker 34

In a typical display of thoughtfulness, the American Politicized Association (formerly the American Philosophical Association) board of officers unanimously approved and issued the statement below concerning the election: Take a gander at the presentation titles they’re proudly advertising. We have taken the liberty to re-write the APA’s statement in a way that exposes their implicit biases, followed by a list of talks that might be advertised if the APA sanctioned a different political vision: 2017 [Continue reading]

Leftist Philosophers’ Inverted Moral Qualia

November 10, 2016 Muckraker 17

Daily Nous’ Justin Whineberg should check his privilege and stop writing this garbage, unless he wants Trump elected for a second Term in four years. Whineberg arrogantly assumes that philosophers are, and should be, shocked and frightened by the election results. So in his little moment of soul-searching introspection that would make an emo Barnes & Noble barista blush, he asks, What should we (philosophers) do as a philosophical community, now that Trump has been [Continue reading]

Oderberg on Cooperation and Morality

October 10, 2016 Muckraker 2

David Oderberg has a forthcoming article in the Journal of Medical Ethics that contains a discussion of the Supreme Court’s reasoning in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby. In short, Oderberg agrees with the conclusion of the Hobby Lobby case, but disagrees with the reasoning employed by Justice Alito. From a blog post summarizing his article: [M]y view is that the Hobby Lobby decision was correct. The Supreme Court, however, came to the right conclusion for the wrong reasons, for in the [Continue reading]