From Bad Logic to Bad Philosophy: the Case of Alain Badiou

March 10, 2017 Neven Sesardić 9

“…one cannot corner me in some supposed ignorance… in the matter of the formal complexities…” —A. Badiou (2006, p. xiv)   Alain Badiou is a well-known French philosopher who likes to use ideas from logic and mathematics in his philosophical thinking. Given his bad reputation among some analytic philosophers—for example, Jon Elster (2012, 160) calls him an “obscurantist”—one may wonder whether it can be demonstrated that in some of his works Badiou displays basic ignorance [Continue reading]

A Raging Philosopher

January 25, 2017 Neven Sesardić 14

Philosopher Sally Haslanger (MIT) is very unhappy about how she has been treated by her colleagues in philosophy: There is a deep well of rage inside of me. Rage about how I as an individual have been treated in philosophy. “Changing the Ideology and Culture of Philosophy: Not by Reason (Alone)”, Hypatia 23 (2008), p. 221. Well, let’s look at some details from her biography. According to Haslanger’s CV on MIT’s website, although she had [Continue reading]