At the Heart of Progressivism

October 10, 2017 That Single Individual 12

At the heart of progressivism is occultism. That will be my thesis. To support it, I examine an ongoing story coming out of the United Kingdom. But before I turn to that story, let me make a few prefatory remarks. First, if you are reading this and are personally involved in the secret things of darkness, do not misunderstand me: I have no desire to personally attack you. On the contrary, I hope that you [Continue reading]

Do not as we say, lest you be like us

September 23, 2017 That Single Individual 6

The recent publication of Heidegger’s “black notebooks” caused controversy. It is now commonplace, not only in Heidegger circles, but more widely too, to raise the question of how Heidegger’s involvement in Nazism should affect our understanding of his philosophy. Can we separate the man’s personality from his philosophy? Should we? Or are they entwined? And if so, how? It’s not my aim to examine those questions here. Instead, I draw attention to two other philosophers—Nietzsche [Continue reading]

The Lie System: How the University Manufactures a False Reality

September 20, 2017 That Single Individual 5

By now, readers of the philosophy blogosphere will know that Leslie Green, Professor of Law and Fellow of Balliol College at Oxford University, recently published a piece on his blog, “Why it is hard to be a campus conservative,” and again published as a guest post at Daily Nous and linked at Leiter Reports. Green’s comments occasioned extensive criticism here at this blog, and also over in a guest post at Daily Nous by Philippe [Continue reading]

First They Came…

April 19, 2017 That Single Individual 13

I’m sure everyone within our so-called “profession” has by now heard the news concerning what occurred in Louvain with the firing of Stéphane Mercier. Over at the DailyNous, at present there is only one post on the topic. Leiter hasn’t even touched it. Compare that to the amount of coverage DailyNous and Leiter devoted to the Cheryl Abbate affair, which consisted largely of rushing to her defense. For sane philosophers to sit idly by in [Continue reading]

“Fake news” and the strong delusion: who’s deluded?

December 1, 2016 That Single Individual 10

In my first and second posts, I drew your attention to the subject of international pedophilia rings and their connection with satanic ritual abuse. I did so in the context of the then looming presidential election. The first post concerning Clinton’s satanic connections appeared before the “spirit cooking” and “Pizzagate” stories had broken in either the corporate or alternative media. How then did I know there was fire? Because the Bible tells me there must [Continue reading]

Clinton, Wikileaks, and Spirit Cooking

November 8, 2016 That Single Individual 6

A few days ago I posted to say that a vote for Clinton is a vote for Satan. Many no doubt thought I was being facetious. I was not. Buried in one of the most recent rounds of Wikileaks revelations is news that John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman, is apparently the sort of guy who receives invitations from “artist” Marina Abramovic to spirit cooking dinners. In a 2015 e-mail, Abramovic wrote Tony Podesta, the brother [Continue reading]

“Anyone but Trump”? No, no thank you, not when a vote for Clinton is a vote for Satan

November 2, 2016 That Single Individual 16

My political views are very recognizably Right—that’s why I’ve decided to contribute to this site. But they’re also what many on both the mainstream Right and Left would no doubt consider paranoid “conspiracy theory.” However, as our world descends into greater absurdity by the day (and, dare I say, depravity), it’s becoming exceedingly difficult to deny that a force beyond all human calculation and control has apparently overtaken us. Events are unfolding by an anti-logic, [Continue reading]