Basket of Deplorable Links

December 11, 2017 AR-15 1

Catholic philosophers argue about whether the death penalty is intrinsically wrong. Modern day corporate culture squashes free speech, and government helped encourage this culture. Don’t know what to think about the Net Neutrality issue? Here’s everything you need to know on why it’s a terrible idea. More justification for skepticism about the catastrophic effects of “climate change”. You probably already knew this, because readers of our blog tend to be smart, but in case you [Continue reading]

In Defence of Philosopher Tully Borland

December 7, 2017 Catholic Hulk 12

Philosopher Tully Borland wrote an article arguing that Alabama citizens should still vote for Moore even if the allegations against him were mostly true. It’s a provocative argument, but it is still sensible and arguable. It’s worth the read. It is therefore surprising that this argument led to venomous abuse and slander toward Borland, with some writers accusing him of defending pedophilia and the molestation of children. These charges are not just false, but also [Continue reading]

On the Black Family, Absentee Parents and Progressivism

November 24, 2017 Catholic Hulk 2

In previous blogposts, I noted that 60s and modern liberalism have been unkind to the black family. The troubles of the black family are widely known, and it is without question that the black family has had a comparably bad run from the 1960s onward. But why? It’s hard to be exact and certain about that, but here is something to note: The black family has had greater problems with absentee parents than white families [Continue reading]

Progressive Thanksgiving

November 23, 2017 Progressive Pat 2

Hi, this is Progressive Pat. Thanks to the editors of Rightly Considered for allowing me to share some things for which I am thankful. Avarice—since everyone knows that what goes on in humanity departments isn’t worthwhile, we’re thankful for the motivation enabling us to complain that our salaries aren’t equal to those in the School of Profit Business. Pride—what fun is virtue signaling and humble bragging on social media about how “humbled” you are to [Continue reading]

University Teacher in Trouble for Presenting Jordan Peterson Neutrally

November 21, 2017 Catholic Hulk 6

The university is in a crisis. If you’re honest, lefties, you know that this crisis isn’t generated by conservatives and right-wingers, but by a loud and active portion of the socially left. They’re trying to reframe the goal of the university, control speech and dominate the platform. If you’re on the left and you oppose this action, you need to speak to them about it, because they are crazy. Lord knows I’ve tried, but none of [Continue reading]

“A certain kind of conservative”

November 13, 2017 Bob le flambeur 14

Remember Oxford Professor of the Philosophy of Law Leslie Green, who stated that conservatives are not welcome at universities “because they are universities”? (Here, here and here are some good responses.) Admittedly, Green went on to qualify his claim by restricting it to “a certain kind of conservative” (at least at one point). However, he did not mention other, more welcome kinds of conservatives. At least in this respect, Professor Joseph Heath, of the University of Toronto, [Continue reading]

How to Do Philosophy Without a Hammer

November 8, 2017 Federal Philosopher 2

Social pressure is so powerful and so is self-deception. You have to be a bit anti-social to stand your ground. Selah You can be and do anything you want and be praised for it, if only you kneel in fealty to 21st century cultural Marxism and sexual paganism. And everyone is so nice. Like me. So why shouldn’t you kneel? Why shouldn’t I? What wonderful friends. Supportive, kind, virtuous, on the right side of history. [Continue reading]

Women Largely Belong in the Home as Wives and Mothers

November 3, 2017 Catholic Hulk 2

If you’re a modern liberal or a progressivist thinker, or if you’re an ordinary westerner who has not given “political equality” careful thought, the topic of this blogpost might seem repugnant to you. That’s understandable. I was once like that, too. I once thought it was obvious that women should be treated as equal and the same as men, period. But my conviction was pre-philosophical and socially conditioned: I was largely encultured to believe this [Continue reading]

Europe’s Miserable Condition: On The Paris Statement

October 27, 2017 AR-15 5

A guest post from The Notorious J.A.C. (a.k.a., Jacques).  Scruton and others recently issued the so-called “Paris Statement” (PS) on Europe’s miserable condition.  In some respects, PS seems important and right.  Here I want to register some complaints: PS, 1:   “Europe belongs to us, and we belong to Europe. These lands are our home; we have no other. The reasons we hold Europe dear exceed our ability to explain or justify our loyalty. It is [Continue reading]