Addressing Some Common Objections to the Alt-Right

December 14, 2016 Charles Martel 68

The alt-right is on the lips of many people these days. Some sing its praises; others mention it only to speak of its horrors and to sternly disavow it. Nevertheless, the emergence of the alt-right movement presents an opportunity for philosophical evaluation of its merits, and we at Rightly Considered would like to earnestly and honestly engage with the ideas of the alt-right in the spirit of truth-seeking. If it is intellectually bankrupt, reason ought to [Continue reading]

Did Swinburne get Swindled?

September 26, 2016 Conservatrarian 38

Update: Rod Dreher provides more evidence of the vile hatred directed toward Swinburne here. In case you haven’t already heard, the philosophy gossip blogs are buzzing about the controversy that ensued when an orthodox Christian philosopher defended orthodox Christian ethics at a Society of Christian Philosophers (SCP) meeting. To be more specific: at the latest Midwest meeting of the SCP, Richard Swinburne presented a paper in which he argued for the view that homosexual acts are immoral and [Continue reading]

Trigger Warning: Trigger Warnings and Safe Spaces are Dumb

September 1, 2016 Charles Martel 5

A friend of ours who studied philosophy at a top university once told us an amusing anecdote. Prefacing a course on classical philosophy, the professor explained that he would not be reading the ancient philosophers through the lens of modern values and so, for example, would not impose on them gender-neutral pronouns and would not censor any perceived “misogynistic” or “bigoted” language. This didn’t sit well with some of the students, who rudely began to protest [Continue reading]