Yes, Abortion is a Women’s Health Issue

January 14, 2018 Touchstone 5

It is easy to criticize referring to abortion as a “women’s health issue,” as progressives like to call it. And conservatives are exactly right in their usual criticisms: First, calling abortion a “women’s heath” issue is a perfect example of trademark linguistic mendacity of the Left. Progressives know, if only by some slimy instinct in their corrupt souls, that language colors one’s perception of reality. Calling abortion a “women’s heath” issue shifts the focus away [Continue reading]

Epidemic of Strange Injuries Afflicting Professional Philosophers

May 4, 2017 Henry Fowler 8

Emergency rooms across the country have reported a sudden wave of professional philosophers being admitted for strange injuries, leaving doctors baffled. One philosopher, Rebecca “suck my giant queer cock” Cuckla, was rushed to MedStar Georgetown University Hospital on Wednesday, writhing, contorting, and screaming in pain. After being administered a sedative, Cuckla claims to have been a victim of an act of “metaphysical violence.” The lack of apparent physical trauma led doctors to furiously search in [Continue reading]

So, You Like Affirmative Action?

December 19, 2016 Henry Fowler 15

Editor’s note: This post is obvious satire. If you can’t see that, then shame on you. I have no objection to affirmative action (AA) in principle. Often candidates will be pretty much the same with respect to any objectively measurable traits relevant to the job. People make these decisions on grounds over and above strict meritocratic criteria, and it’s hard to imagine how it could be otherwise. So I have no objection to hiring the [Continue reading]

A More Honest Statement from the APA

December 9, 2016 Walter Montgomery 34

In a typical display of thoughtfulness, the American Politicized Association (formerly the American Philosophical Association) board of officers unanimously approved and issued the statement below concerning the election: Take a gander at the presentation titles they’re proudly advertising. We have taken the liberty to re-write the APA’s statement in a way that exposes their implicit biases, followed by a list of talks that might be advertised if the APA sanctioned a different political vision: 2017 [Continue reading]