A Conservative Virtue

December 17, 2016 Walter Montgomery 0

True conservatives are cautious in making judgments. That’s not to say that all who identify as conservative are cautious in making judgments; when such people fail to be cautious in making judgments, they fail to act in a truly conservative way. Nor is it to say that liberals are uncautious in making judgments. A liberal could be cautious in making a judgment, but in doing so, he would not be acting liberally; rather, he would [Continue reading]

Addressing Some Common Objections to the Alt-Right

December 14, 2016 Charles Martel 68

The alt-right is on the lips of many people these days. Some sing its praises; others mention it only to speak of its horrors and to sternly disavow it. Nevertheless, the emergence of the alt-right movement presents an opportunity for philosophical evaluation of its merits, and we at Rightly Considered would like to earnestly and honestly engage with the ideas of the alt-right in the spirit of truth-seeking. If it is intellectually bankrupt, reason ought to [Continue reading]

Closet Conservatives

December 12, 2016 Bob le flambeur 16

Conservatives in philosophy face an uphill battle as soon as they decide to come out and defend their views. Everyone who has ever tried to publish an article or a book that is critical of progressive views on, for example, race and gender, knows how extremely difficult it is, especially if one is hoping for one of the regular journals or publishers in philosophy. (The reason certainly is not a lack of interest in the [Continue reading]

A More Honest Statement from the APA

December 9, 2016 Walter Montgomery 34

In a typical display of thoughtfulness, the American Politicized Association (formerly the American Philosophical Association) board of officers unanimously approved and issued the statement below concerning the election: Take a gander at the presentation titles they’re proudly advertising. We have taken the liberty to re-write the APA’s statement in a way that exposes their implicit biases, followed by a list of talks that might be advertised if the APA sanctioned a different political vision: 2017 [Continue reading]

Gun Rights are not God-Given

December 7, 2016 Natural Lawyer 9

Many conservatives refer to the right to own a gun as “God-given.” The idea is supposed to be that gun rights are not just political inventions, but natural rights that any society must recognize and respect. I think there is some truth to this, but I don’t think it makes sense to refer to gun rights as “God-given.” Natural or God-given rights are claims to basic goods that are absolutely essential for our flourishing as [Continue reading]

The Pedagogy Paradox for Conservative Professors

December 6, 2016 Federal Philosopher 14

Conservative philosophy professor Daniel Bonevac (University of Texas at Austin) has decided no longer to teach his popular ethics class with a thirty-year pedigree, Contemporary Moral Problems. The reason, he explained to The College Fix, is that “it’s not possible to teach the course the way I used to teach it.” Why? Because “students clam up as soon as conversation veers close to anything controversial and one side might be viewed as politically incorrect. The [Continue reading]

Je suis Jordan Peterson!

December 4, 2016 Jan Sobieski IV 18

I don’t like virtue signaling. The moral narcissism of having the French or Rainbow flag silhouette behind your Facebook profile picture is off-putting. Tweeting insipid hashtags like #Notmypresident or #LoveTrumpsHate aren’t courageous stands. Costing nothing, they’re easy and seemingly done in self-aggrandizement instead of selflessness. If you like displaying how righteous you are, I have it on good authority that you aren’t. Jesus had a choice word for those who would make a spectacle by [Continue reading]

Follow Us on Twitter

December 3, 2016 AR-15 2

We finally have a Twitter account. You can follow us at: @RightConsidered Follow us and we’ll follow you, especially if you are a left wing extremist.

Assessing Responsibility for the OSU Attack

December 2, 2016 Walter Montgomery 13

How would a normal leftist assess what just happened at Ohio State University? As you know by now, the attacker was a Somali born Muslim man. Not long ago, he was featured in Ohio State’s student newspaper, The Lantern. In the story he said, I mean, I’m new here. This is my first day. This place is huge, and I don’t even know where to pray. I wanted to pray in the open, but I [Continue reading]

“Fake news” and the strong delusion: who’s deluded?

December 1, 2016 That Single Individual 10

In my first and second posts, I drew your attention to the subject of international pedophilia rings and their connection with satanic ritual abuse. I did so in the context of the then looming presidential election. The first post concerning Clinton’s satanic connections appeared before the “spirit cooking” and “Pizzagate” stories had broken in either the corporate or alternative media. How then did I know there was fire? Because the Bible tells me there must [Continue reading]