Class Therapy

November 18, 2016 Ragnar 12

Half of my feed is profs/grad students explaining how instead of teaching they conducted group therapy sessions with their students. Seriously, GTFO. First, your students need to grow up–no participation trophies for losing elections. That dumb sticker is all you get. In the words of Joe Rogan, “this is what happens when you give kids participation trophies for getting their asses kicked in soccer.” Second, most of the things they “worry” about are talking points [Continue reading]

What the Electoral College and the Free Will Defense Have in Common

November 16, 2016 Federal Philosopher 8

The electoral college, like Alvin Plantinga’s Free Will Defense, is criticized almost exclusively by people who don’t understand it. Both are also the kinds of things easier to understand in reverse: understanding first the overall upshot first helps to aid understanding of the nuts and bolts. With respect to the electoral college, it’s easy to find articles with heavy emphasis on the latter but light emphasis on the former. This is one of the better [Continue reading]

God Matters: On Liberty, License and Liberalism

November 15, 2016 Catholic Hulk 24

It is clear to me that just about any normative proposition concerning how we should organize ourselves and our resources is dependent upon or influenced by further propositions regarding knowledge about the existence of God and His relation to us. Take western Christianity, for example. If it is true, then, as a matter of fact, each human being is created, free and of enormous intrinsic worth whose objective good is with God; and moreover, each [Continue reading]

How to Thrive in Philosophy as a Woman

November 14, 2016 Federal Philosopher 12

In the wake of the election results, we realize that many women in philosophy might be feeling discouraged or even traumatized at the prospect of having Mister Serial Braggart Potty Mouth Trump as president, since his ascension to power will no doubt empower all men to go out in the streets and start grabbing women by the p*ssy. It is already practically impossible for a woman to survive in the field of philosophy for very long. Early drop out rates are much higher [Continue reading]

Trauma Victims: The Left is Not Your Friend

November 11, 2016 Arthur Bryant 0

Safe spaces. Trigger Warnings. Trauma. These words have been thrown around a lot. Many have denounced safe spaces, the use of trigger warnings, and even dismissed the occurrence of trauma. I disagree with those people. I think such a move is hasty and ought to, at the very least, be qualified. To throw those out would be to hurt those we should be trying to help. But at the same time, we need to denounce [Continue reading]

Attack Until We Crack

November 11, 2016 Criticus Ferox 33

I hope everyone has been enjoying themselves. But let’s get real now. While Trump’s victory was a tremendous achievement, the situation remains extremely grim. The election results demonstrate that basically half of the current population of America is in the grips of the left, either as zealots or complacent followers. This is the product of years of indoctrination through every major sector of American culture – the institutions of education, the arts and entertainment sectors, [Continue reading]

Leftist Philosophers’ Inverted Moral Qualia

November 10, 2016 Fideist 17

Daily Nous’ Justin Whineberg should check his privilege and stop writing this garbage, unless he wants Trump elected for a second Term in four years. Whineberg arrogantly assumes that philosophers are, and should be, shocked and frightened by the election results. So in his little moment of soul-searching introspection that would make an emo Barnes & Noble barista blush, he asks, What should we (philosophers) do as a philosophical community, now that Trump has been [Continue reading]

Clinton, Wikileaks, and Spirit Cooking

November 8, 2016 That Single Individual 6

A few days ago I posted to say that a vote for Clinton is a vote for Satan. Many no doubt thought I was being facetious. I was not. Buried in one of the most recent rounds of Wikileaks revelations is news that John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman, is apparently the sort of guy who receives invitations from “artist” Marina Abramovic to spirit cooking dinners. In a 2015 e-mail, Abramovic wrote Tony Podesta, the brother [Continue reading]

Craig and the “Lesser of Two Evils” Argument for Voting Trump

November 7, 2016 Federal Philosopher 11

Christian philosopher William Lane Craig has recently triggered the few remaining never-Trumpers by recommending—albeit by implication— that Christians ought to vote for Donald Trump. You can listen to the audio here (beginning at 5:50). Craig blasts the view (held by many Christians) that we should refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils as being a “very immature and even childish view of moral decision making.” It is a “common moral experience,” Craig maintains, [Continue reading]