The Left Injects Its Poison Into Everything Else, So Why Not Sports?

October 19, 2016 Conservatrarian 6

The ratings are in. According to USA Today, “NFL games…were down 11% for the first six weeks of the season when compared to a similar point last year.” What’s the explanation for the drop in viewership? The USA Today article makes a big deal of the election and the two debates. Since the media blames him for everything else, maybe Trump’s to blame for this as well! Or maybe, just maybe, this has something to do with Colin [Continue reading]

Society of Biblical Literature Bans IVP Over LGBTQQIETC

October 19, 2016 AR-15 5

“In the name of diversity, the Society of Biblical Literature is banning InterVarsity Press from hosting a book stall at its 2017 meeting. For those not familiar with InterVarsity Press, it is one of the premiere Christian academic publishers in the world, not just the United States.” See here as well for more on the story. What do you think? More bullying from the tolerant and inclusive left?

What is Metaphysics, and Why Do Feminists Care?

October 16, 2016 Federal Philosopher 7

What is metaphysics? Better: what is the subject matter of metaphysics? Historically speaking, the subjects Aristotle covered in Ta Meta ta Phusika are: the rational investigation of the nature of divinity, of being qua being, and of the most basic principles of logic and causality that underlie all of reality. As the discipline of philosophy gets increasingly technical and specialized, its various sub-fields become divided up into more fine-grained classifications. Today we tend to think [Continue reading]

Jordan Peterson and the Pronoun Imperative

October 14, 2016 Catholic Hulk 49

Jordan Peterson is a tenured psychologist at the University of Toronto. He recently acquired some fame and notoriety for his public comments regarding some progressive gender ideologies and the use personal pronouns (See here, here and here). Peterson denied recognition for the “right” of other people to choose the personal pronouns that he is use when speaking to or about them, particularly if those pronouns are not part of Standard English or are loaded with [Continue reading]

The Futile ‘Beyond the Pale’ Strategy

October 11, 2016 Ideal Observer 38

Liberal academics often prefer to dismiss arguments in favor of socially conservative views rather than engage them. This is done, in part, on a principled basis: Since conservative views are (supposedly) excessively harmful to minorities, treating arguments in their favor as worthy of consideration contributes to the perception of conservative views as at least somewhat reasonable. But we cannot have that; and so we must exclude conservative arguments from the realm of polite discourse and as entirely unworthy [Continue reading]

Oderberg on Cooperation and Morality

October 10, 2016 Muckraker 2

David Oderberg has a forthcoming article in the Journal of Medical Ethics that contains a discussion of the Supreme Court’s reasoning in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby. In short, Oderberg agrees with the conclusion of the Hobby Lobby case, but disagrees with the reasoning employed by Justice Alito. From a blog post summarizing his article: [M]y view is that the Hobby Lobby decision was correct. The Supreme Court, however, came to the right conclusion for the wrong reasons, for in the [Continue reading]

The (Oh Too) Common Assumption

October 9, 2016 Jack Burton 16

Jack Burton: You know what ol’ Jack Burton always says at a time like this? Thunder: Who? Jack Burton: Jack Burton. ME! We refer to it as “the common assumption”. Strictly speaking, it is this: the assumption that within the hallowed halls of Academia the default political position is – because it ought to be – far left. Over a decade ago, Mark Bauerlein referred to it as follows: “The assumption is that all the [Continue reading]

For the Record…

October 9, 2016 Federal Philosopher 32

Update: We’ve been informed that our critics have abandoned the campaign to write an open letter. As such, we’ve removed the original text of the letter as a gesture of goodwill. You know, we’re trying to get back into the habit of making substantive posts, but our critics can’t stop trying to smear us. Jon Cogburn tried to do so by asserting, without even a hint of argument, that our publishing screenshots of Facebook comments of nasty and hateful [Continue reading]

Censor This.

October 7, 2016 Natural Lawyer 60

It is our intention to return to “regular” posting after this post. On September 26th, we brought attention to a series of demeaning and profane Facebook comments that were posted by leftist academics in the wake of the Swinburne controversy. Instead of condemning these disgusting comments by their colleagues, the left’s response has been to (1) attack us for posting them and (2) ostracize us by refusing to link to our posts, even going to far as [Continue reading]

Jason Stanley’s Response to Rightly Considered

October 6, 2016 Conservatrarian 25

Last night, Prof. Jason Stanley cordially e-mailed Rightly Considered to request that we post a comment of his to our most recent post regarding the Swinburne/SCP controversy (he’d attempted to do it himself, but we’ve been having technical difficulties with our site). Prof. Stanley’s comments and clarifications are most welcome, so, in fairness and deference to him, we’ve decided to make an independent post out of them so that as many people as possible can [Continue reading]