Football and the Culture Wars

October 5, 2017 Lucius Vorenus 15

The Culture Wars in America continue as more than 100 NFL players protested by kneeling, sitting, or raising their fists during the national anthem. The display was very clearly motivated in response to remarks made by President Trump in Huntsville, AL (and subsequent tweets), where he expressed his desire that players who disrespect the flag and the anthem should be punished by team owners. Trump’s remarks reignited the debate around the place of politics in sports a [Continue reading]

Why Do Progressives Hate History?

September 29, 2017 Federal Philosopher 4

Progressives and progressive movements are notorious for whitewashing, censoring, and attempting to re-write history. The recent statue controversy is just one example among many. Why is this a progressive impulse? History in general is the best argument against progressive ideals, so there’s that motivation. But I think there’s something deeper involved. Their endless charade of constructivist theories suggests that at the heart of progressivism is a repudiation of the fixed and unalterable. Progressives disdain anything [Continue reading]

Whatever Happened to Christian Crusader Mentality?

September 24, 2017 Catholic Hulk 38

The first papal proposal for a crusade was in 1074 by Pope Gregory VII. Gregory was responding to the conquests of Antioch and Nicaea, the reports of Christians “slaughtered like cattle” and reports of Constantinople threatened. You can read some of what he said here. For a number of reasons, his proposal did not substantiate into much. That’s too bad, if you ask me. Near the end of the eleventh century, Alexios and the Byzantines from the Christian [Continue reading]

Feminist Philosophy Chair to Grad Student: Criticize Islam Anymore and You’ll Either Be Kicked Out or Sent to Reeducation Camp

September 23, 2017 AR-15 4

Here is the audio of the conversation that apparently took place between the department chair of a University of Texas school and a graduate student. It’s not exactly clear what precipitated the meeting, but it seems to be something like this: The student (who is bisexual) had a conversation with another graduate student, and this other student’s fiancé came up. She said that her fiancé is a Muslim and the other student, bothered by this, [Continue reading]

Do not as we say, lest you be like us

September 23, 2017 That Single Individual 6

The recent publication of Heidegger’s “black notebooks” caused controversy. It is now commonplace, not only in Heidegger circles, but more widely too, to raise the question of how Heidegger’s involvement in Nazism should affect our understanding of his philosophy. Can we separate the man’s personality from his philosophy? Should we? Or are they entwined? And if so, how? It’s not my aim to examine those questions here. Instead, I draw attention to two other philosophers—Nietzsche [Continue reading]

Basket of Deplorable Links

September 22, 2017 AR-15 0

Readers have probably already seen this from Philippe Lemoine, but I’ll put it here for the title alone, “It’s Not Hard for Conservatives to Be on Campus Because They’re Stupid, It’s Hard Because You Are” Campus Reform picks up the Leslie Green affair as well: “Prof: conservatives outnumbered because they’re ‘truth deniers’” More on P-values and the crisis in the social sciences “A Deep Dive Into the Blockbuster Study That Called Into Doubt a Lot [Continue reading]

The Leadership of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, DACA, and the Common Good

September 21, 2017 Walter Montgomery 11

The president, vice president, and chairmen of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops recently released a statement on the administration’s ending of the illegal DACA program, calling the action “reprehensible.” You’ll notice I called DACA “illegal”. That is because President Obama, after going around the country in townhall meetings and correctly reminding frustrated supporters that he couldn’t just use executive action on immigration because he’s not a king, went ahead and did it anyway. Congress [Continue reading]

The Lie System: How the University Manufactures a False Reality

September 20, 2017 That Single Individual 5

By now, readers of the philosophy blogosphere will know that Leslie Green, Professor of Law and Fellow of Balliol College at Oxford University, recently published a piece on his blog, “Why it is hard to be a campus conservative,” and again published as a guest post at Daily Nous and linked at Leiter Reports. Green’s comments occasioned extensive criticism here at this blog, and also over in a guest post at Daily Nous by Philippe [Continue reading]

Brooke Baldwin, CNN and Boobies: Who Really Demeans Women?

September 19, 2017 Catholic Hulk 13

Clay Travis said that he liked boobs during a live TV segment on CNN. Anchorwoman Brooke Baldwin then cut off his mic, choosing to end the interview. Baldwin later issued a statement expressing shock and disbelief that a man could say that in 2017 and that it was demeaning to women. Sure, the remark was juvenile and inappropriate in that conversation, but it didn’t demean women. That is, he didn’t reduce women to their breasts [Continue reading]

Because They Are Leftist Echo Chambers

September 18, 2017 AR-15 13

This is really rich over at the homophonically-racist website, the Daily Noose. Professor of Philosophy and Law, Leslie* Green, tells us that when the right refers to universities as “liberal,” they mean universities filled with people who believe the following: Species arose through natural selection. No author of any gospel ever met Jesus. Homosexuality is a normal variant in human behaviour. The United States lost a war against Vietnam. Human activity is a significant cause [Continue reading]