A Critique of the Alt-Right’s Racial Constructivism

October 31, 2017 Jan Sobieski IV 147

According to the Alt-Right, civilization is fundamentally an “ethno-state,” or what I call a racial construct. But I find the group is poor at elaborating on the concept, choosing to rail against the excessive failures and double standards of the left instead of putting forth positive arguments in the doctrine’s development and defense. My take is that the Alt-Right is making an ontological claim. Its members are talking about the being of a civilization, how [Continue reading]

Addressing Some Common Objections to the Alt-Right

December 14, 2016 Charles Martel 68

The alt-right is on the lips of many people these days. Some sing its praises; others mention it only to speak of its horrors and to sternly disavow it. Nevertheless, the emergence of the alt-right movement presents an opportunity for philosophical evaluation of its merits, and we at Rightly Considered would like to earnestly and honestly engage with the ideas of the alt-right in the spirit of truth-seeking. If it is intellectually bankrupt, reason ought to [Continue reading]

Trumplings Probably Destroyed the Right

November 3, 2016 Conservatrarian 48

The decision to nominate Trump was a mistake. In fact, it was worse than a mistake. It was suicidal. But the decision having been taken and having become inevitable, conservatives ought to vote for Trump if they are going to vote at all. The choice between two non-conservatives was forced upon us, but conservatism can survive only one of them, and his name ain’t Hillary Clinton. Still, Trump will probably lose the election (although the [Continue reading]