New Search Bar

December 29, 2017 Walter Montgomery 3

In response to reader requests that we add a search bar so that old posts are easier to find, we have added one at the bottom right-hand corner. You can either type in a word, such as ‘feminism’, and all our posts on that topic will come up, or you can click on the “Category Search” button and search a particular author’s posts.

Please Take Us Seriously

October 28, 2016 Criticus Ferox 30

We have received some very important, albeit stern, advice: If right-wing philosophers want to be taken seriously, this blog is not the way to do it!  But if they simply want to have their own cyber-circle of self-congratulation plus unabashed sexism and racism, then they’re doing a great job! This is extremely helpful. Apparently, if we just stop with the “insane bigotry”, “unabashed sexism and racism”, and “right-wing Christian prejudices”, we’ll have at least a chance of being “taken seriously” by the left. [Continue reading]

For the Record…

October 9, 2016 Touchstone 32

Update: We’ve been informed that our critics have abandoned the campaign to write an open letter. As such, we’ve removed the original text of the letter as a gesture of goodwill. You know, we’re trying to get back into the habit of making substantive posts, but our critics can’t stop trying to smear us. Jon Cogburn tried to do so by asserting, without even a hint of argument, that our publishing screenshots of Facebook comments of nasty and hateful [Continue reading]

Censor This.

October 7, 2016 Natural Lawyer 60

It is our intention to return to “regular” posting after this post. On September 26th, we brought attention to a series of demeaning and profane Facebook comments that were posted by leftist academics in the wake of the Swinburne controversy. Instead of condemning these disgusting comments by their colleagues, the left’s response has been to (1) attack us for posting them and (2) ostracize us by refusing to link to our posts, even going to far as [Continue reading]

Something Stinks in the Philosophy Blogosphere

September 30, 2016 Touchstone 65

Our goal in starting this blog was to add some diversity to the philosophy blogosphere by offering the right perspective on current events and political topics. It’s no secret that the profession of philosophy is extraordinarily leftist, and all the popular philosophy blogs reflect that. Leiter Reports is left. So is Daily Nous. So is NewApps. So is Philosopher’s Coccoon. So is the APA blog. So is PhilPercs. So is PEASoup.* Boiler plate leftism has [Continue reading]

No Picture

About Rightly Considered

August 26, 2016 Natural Lawyer 9

We are academics—graduate students, professors, and independent scholars, mostly in, or closely associated with, the profession of philosophy—who are on the political right. Obviously, we won’t always agree with each other on everything. We have no specific checklist of positions or statement of faith. But we all generally identify with the tradition of philosophical conservatism that began with ancient sages like Plato and Aristotle, carried on by Christian thinkers like Augustine and Aquinas, continued through [Continue reading]