Charlie Gard: A Lesson in Conservative Cluelessness About the Culture Wars

August 2, 2017 Jan Sobieski IV 6

In recent weeks, the right-wing commentariat has made quite the fuss about a European court that ordered the removal of life support for Charlie Gard, the infant son of Chris Gard and Cathy Yates who was afflicted with a rare genetic mitochondrial disease. And rightfully so – death panels, the rationing of care, and other grotesqueries are the result of a government-run healthcare system. The Gard family just provides a face for it. However, many [Continue reading]

Roger Scruton chats with James Delingpole of Breitbart

June 23, 2017 Jan Sobieski IV 2

When the venerable Sir Roger Scruton speaks, I listen. One of my favorite spokesman for conservatism and always a gentleman, he shares his insight on the recent elections in Britain, Islam and the West, the state of the left, what it means to be conservative, and much more on James Delingpole’s daily podcast for Breitbart News. It’s definitely not one to miss. The scrutable Scruton’s a fount of wisdom from which anyone who endeavors to [Continue reading]

I Demand Satisfaction (Part V)

February 27, 2017 Jack Burton 2

And so our series concludes (finally)…Thus far we have rehearsed themes associated with honor and defense of the same, the necessity of Rational Violence coupled with its associated constraints,  justifications for violent individual reprisal to insults (and the like), as well as parallels between warring states and warring pissed-off individuals. Now it’s time to ask the all-important (and yet thus-far-studiously-avoided) question: how in God’s sweet name could a “barbarous”, “bloodthirsty,” “disgusting” practice such as dueling [Continue reading]

I Demand Satisfaction (Part IV)

February 4, 2017 Jack Burton 4

The term “duel” derives from the Latin duellum – duo (two) and bellum (war) – such that we get “a war between two men.” In her book Gentlemen’s Blood (which I heartily recommend), Barbara Holland reports on then governor of South Carolina, John Lyde Wilson, who wrote in his The American Code; or Rules for the Government of Principals & Seconds in Dueling: “If an oppressed nation has a right to appeal to arms in [Continue reading]

I Demand Satisfaction (Part III)

January 22, 2017 Jack Burton 10

In the last post, I referenced a social practice that I referred to as Rational Violence by Duel, a practice underscored by the recognition that human beings do not (and in some circumstances, cannot) always get along. In certain disputes, violence may be the best (perhaps even the only) recourse. Naturally, as with most any social practice, Rational Violence by Duel would be circumscribed by rules, rules the following of which would guarantee (to some [Continue reading]

I Demand Satisfaction (Part II)

January 6, 2017 Jack Burton 5

So, where were we? Ah yes, Jack has been baited by Seedy Gang Member #1 …few better ways to ruffle a feller’s feathers, to by God chap his ass raw, than to insult both his girl AND his manhood simultaneously. Too true. And, reasonable guy that Jack is, somewhere in the back of his mind is the recognition of the truth of the principle proposed last time: “Uncontrolled violence is seldom the answer.” What courses [Continue reading]

I Demand Satisfaction (Part I)

December 29, 2016 Jack Burton 20

Honor is, in our day, a forgotten virtue. Hell, some deny that it was ever really a virtue at all. But it behooves us to recognize this to be a fairly recent sentiment. Throughout history, East and West alike, a man’s honor was reckoned a considerably precious achievement. And should he be put into a position whereby he is forced to protect it, then well, he most certainly would do so.* Such was “the duel” [Continue reading]

A Conservative Virtue

December 17, 2016 Walter Montgomery 0

True conservatives are cautious in making judgments. That’s not to say that all who identify as conservative are cautious in making judgments; when such people fail to be cautious in making judgments, they fail to act in a truly conservative way. Nor is it to say that liberals are uncautious in making judgments. A liberal could be cautious in making a judgment, but in doing so, he would not be acting liberally; rather, he would [Continue reading]

God Matters: On Liberty, License and Liberalism

November 15, 2016 Catholic Hulk 24

It is clear to me that just about any normative proposition concerning how we should organize ourselves and our resources is dependent upon or influenced by further propositions regarding knowledge about the existence of God and His relation to us. Take western Christianity, for example. If it is true, then, as a matter of fact, each human being is created, free and of enormous intrinsic worth whose objective good is with God; and moreover, each [Continue reading]

Trumplings Probably Destroyed the Right

November 3, 2016 Conservatrarian 48

The decision to nominate Trump was a mistake. In fact, it was worse than a mistake. It was suicidal. But the decision having been taken and having become inevitable, conservatives ought to vote for Trump if they are going to vote at all. The choice between two non-conservatives was forced upon us, but conservatism can survive only one of them, and his name ain’t Hillary Clinton. Still, Trump will probably lose the election (although the [Continue reading]