The Lie System: How the University Manufactures a False Reality

September 20, 2017 That Single Individual 5

By now, readers of the philosophy blogosphere will know that Leslie Green, Professor of Law and Fellow of Balliol College at Oxford University, recently published a piece on his blog, “Why it is hard to be a campus conservative,” and again published as a guest post at Daily Nous and linked at Leiter Reports. Green’s comments occasioned extensive criticism here at this blog, and also over in a guest post at Daily Nous by Philippe [Continue reading]

The Curious Case of the Christian Abortion Cake

March 4, 2017 Jan Sobieski IV 8

Consider: A 20-something woman walks into a bakery named Immaculate Risings — the double entendre refers to both Jesus’ resurrection and dough’s amazing transformation while in a hot oven. The woman proceeds to the counter to make her order. After the baker bids her good day and asks how he can assist her, the woman requests a cake to commemorate her first abortion. The baker, a portly, elderly chap pauses for a moment. Shaking his [Continue reading]