Necessities of Country Living

July 17, 2017 Federal Philosopher 5

My husband shot and killed a groundhog today. We just moved to a house out in the country, and it’s a work in progress. Part of the work involves protecting the integrity of the house from elemental and critter damage. My husband knows I’m an animal lover, and it’s not that he isn’t, but we all know that sometimes doing unpleasant things is necessary. I didn’t understand why killing the groundhog was necessary at first. [Continue reading]

God Matters: On Liberty, License and Liberalism

November 15, 2016 Catholic Hulk 24

It is clear to me that just about any normative proposition concerning how we should organize ourselves and our resources is dependent upon or influenced by further propositions regarding knowledge about the existence of God and His relation to us. Take western Christianity, for example. If it is true, then, as a matter of fact, each human being is created, free and of enormous intrinsic worth whose objective good is with God; and moreover, each [Continue reading]

On Freedom, Excellence, Liberals and Minorities

November 5, 2016 Catholic Hulk 58

Freedom is tricky thing to understand, for there are many different kinds. Here’s a short list: 1. Freedom from external restraint. For example, I am free in the sense that I am not imprisoned by steel bars, shackles, nor bound by rope. Those guys at Guantanamo Bay? Not so much. 2. Freedom from internal necessity—our choices are not determined by any internal necessity. 3. Freedom from moral bind. For example, if married, I am not [Continue reading]